Thermal Printers

SATO’s Industrial bar code printers became the hallmark of the printing products for the harsh environment and applications and it is the trusted dependability printers for a whole day mission critical operation. The printers are being field tested to make sure that the best print quality is possible in RFID encoding, Barcode, and Text of labels, Sato name tags, invoices, e-commerce, packing slips and compliance labeling. The product identification, the warehouse bin labels, routing and cross dock labels are just some of the few bar code labeling uses customers trust daily to SATO.

A. Industrial Thermal Printers

1. Industrial Thermal Printers – this new series offers a vast range of standard characteristics that are not equal by its competition. Operation and maintenance and printer setups are intuitive and supremely easy. SATO’s first ever Universal Industrial Label Printers persuade for the most challenging printing applications.

2. High-resolution Thermal Printers – this printer uses configurable dpi print resolutions to have an outstanding performance. It has speed and high quality print with heavy-duty metal industrial construction. It is using the wide range of border connectivity options and I/F plug-in the modules and it has 18 MB of the on-board memory.

3. Wide Web Series Thermal Printers – these are full color interactive of an LCD with printer instruction videos and intuitive menu. It has tool-less maintenance that is so flexible for media support – It print on the wide diversity of stock types and there are multiple interfaces that is included like the auto switching. There is a competitive emulation on-board and has a multi-language support.

4. 6.5" Wide Web Series Thermal Printers – the wide web printing can be up to 6.5” wide and with full color interactive of an LCD with intuitive menus and printer instruction video. It is a tool-less maintenance and has a flexible media support. It can print on the wide diversity of stock types and has multiple interfaces included like the auto switching. It has multi-language support and there is also a competitive emulation on-board.

5. X Value Industrial Series Thermal Printers – this is the outstanding value with competitive emulations. It has 4” print width and has all the metal housing for the heavy-duty printing. It can print off up to 6IPS and can accommodate a diversity of media.

B. Desktop Thermal Printers

This Thermal desktop printer from the SATO is a compact one, easy-to-use and cost effective for making Sato name tags. The RFID inventory, receipts, labels, and wristbands tracking labels are simply created on the printer that can fit just about anywhere. The improved thermal barcode technology is making sure that the printers are made of high quality materials that are extremely reliable. Where a space is limited, and the label print quality becomes important, these character rich models give the best in price and reliability.

1. NEW Series Desktop Thermal Printers – Created in the custom of SATO quality, a WS4 Series of the desktop thermal printers is exceeding expectations of dependability and performances across the applications in retail, manufacture, healthcare, and logistics workplaces.

2. 4-Inch Series Desktop Barcode Printers – it has auto sense emulations and long ribbons. It has standard Ethernet, USB A/B, WLAN Interfaces, optional Bluetooth and easy load media. It has also space saving foot prints and is a Cerner Validated.

3. 2-Inch Series Desktop Barcode Printers – It can use of up to 2inches wide printing with DPI print resolution and a 4MB Flash memory. It has direct thermal and thermal transfer and is anti-microbial casing. It has multiple codepage supports and competitive emulation options. This is an easy maintenance and a Cerner Validated.

4. CG4 4-Inch Series Desktop Barcode Printer – this can use up to 4 inches wide printing with DPI print resolution and a 4MB Flash memory. It also has direct thermal and Thermal transfer and is a multiple codepage support. It has Cerner Validated, so easy to maintain and has Competitive emulation options.